Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Time Out NY

Last week I had a story in Time Out NY in the "reiventing the hipster" issue. It was about True Originals, and I had 3 amazing subjects for the shoot. First up was Danny Simmons. I set up the shot, and began chatting with him while I was shooting. I asked him what he did, and after listing several books and art ventures, he mentioned he was Russell Simmons brother. Against all advice I have to admit, it didn't particularly click who that was. Maybe an actor? Musician? Yeah. I think I should stop there.

Next was Henry Baumgartner, dance critic, followed by Stephanie Stone, an 86 year old jazz musician. She used to take pictures in the clubs in New York in the 40s... on wet plates. Now, I'm not much of a photo nerd, but you should really click that link. Amazing stuff. She plays piano and sings, and seems to know just about everyone in the Jazz community. And she still plays shows at 86. Wow.

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