Sunday, June 10, 2007

Peggy Drexler

A couple months ago I did a shoot for Newsweek's "My Turn" section. The subject was Peggy Drexler, a psychologist who has done quite a bit of research on boys raised without a father figure in their lives. It's raised quite a bit of controversy by trying to redefine what a "normal family" is, and she's quite a poised, intelligent, and well-presented woman. Plus, she has the sweetest office I've ever seen. When I hear the words, "you can photograph them in their office" it's usually followed by a feeling of anxiety... white walls, bad paintings, a big oak desk cluttered with papers. There's a reason I became a photographer, the thought of being stuck in an office all day terrifies me. Usually there's a lobby/stairwell/toilet stall with a little bit of character that will make for a good picture, but Peggy's office was a dream, with the exception of the folding mirror behind the couch. I think I'm only in one or two frames, ducking and hiding with my hand on the shutter.. not bad all things considered.

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