Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Eddie Adams Workshop, Part 1

I was fortunate enough to participate in Eddie Adams Workshop XX at the beginning of the month. I was on a team lead by photographer Vincent LaForet, along with Michelle McNally and Josh Haner of the New York Times. Our project was "the decisive moment", which was a lot trickier than I thought! The same night I arrived I was lead off to start my assignment, photographing the local strip bar with a guy they called "Big Sexy", and following up with them at home the next day. Unfortunately I was only able to catch up with one of the girls, but the following are the images I took that night and the following day.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Working Stiff

Back in August I photographed Grant Stoddard, author of Working Stiff, whose spent quite some time experimenting (sexually) with a great number of women. The article was for Australian Marie Claire, and it proved to be one of the strangest photo shoots I've been on. Why? Just look at the table. One pair of legs belongs to the Penthouse Pet of the Month (an ex-girlfriend of Grant's), the other a computer programmer, not to mention the contents on the table, some of which we were unable to really figure out entirely. Oh, and word on the street is nipple clamps only hurt coming off. Go figure.