Monday, May 19, 2008

There Will Be Cupcakes.

I photographed Keavy Landreth, painter and creator of Kumquat Cupcakery a couple weeks ago. I adore her and her miniature cupcakes, plus anyone who lets me do THAT to their kitchen (and their face) gets a gold star in my book.

film set

I've been shooting still photographs for an independent feature being shot outside of DC... been getting some great shots just of the cast and crew, and thought I'd share a couple of them. Headed back there later this week to shoot some more and deprive myself of sleep for several days.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

I couldn't help myself, I love this photo. Introducing my darling roommate Huong.

Goodbye, Mamiya 7. Hello, 5D.

So, after taking the photo on the right, my camera broke. Stopped winding, mid-roll, leaving me speechless in my friend's backyard in New Hampshire on the first day of my trip. It is en-route to repair, but meanwhile I finally have moved digital, purchasing a 5D of my very own and have already done several shoots, one of which being for the New York Times. Mom and Dad have never been so proud.