Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I got a couple shots back that recently ran in Newsweek. The first one is of Leslie Bennett, who wrote the book The Feminine Mistake. The other other shot is of Fluffy, the overweight 110 pound Rotweiller. After a 6am flight out of Laguardia, and a short drive through the thriving metropolis of Pittsburgh, we arrived at the vets office where we would be taking the shot. We had some time to kill before our flight home, so we decided to take a drive into Pittsburgh to find the Primanti Brothers restaurant in The Strip district, which came highly recommended by a friend. I had a poorly marked map which seemed to show it right off the highway.. it was wrong. After asking a few natives, whose response was, "uhhhhh.... I think you take a left?" we managed to stumble upon it. Was it worth the drive? I still can't really decide.. regardless of the sandwich you order, it comes covered in coleslaw with no utensils. I think it was good. I think.